Complicated Movie Plots Explained With Infographic Timelines

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Movies often have complex plots, tell their story out of order, or involve time travel. Those things create loops in the storyline that can be difficult to follow at first viewing. Watching a movie a second time (and third, fourth, and so on) can help — and so can infographics. Here are some infographics that break down the timelines of movies organised by genre or storytelling type.

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Time Travel Movies – Looper / 12 Monkeys / Back to the Future

Movies with time travel can be hard to understand completely. Sometimes the relative time differences are hard to grasp, and the relative duration spent in each time can be hard to measure. These infographics put those wibbly wobbly timey wimey timelines into a visual format to make them easier to grasp.

Looper:Looper – infographic

12 Monkeys:12-monkeys  – infographic


Back to the Future:back-to-the-future-timeline – infographic



Non Linear Storytelling – 21 Grams / Memento /  Pulp Fiction / Inception

Even if a plot doesn’t involve time travel, some movies tell their story out of order. This helps to create suspense and keep the viewer engaged, but can be confusing. These infographics put movies back in chronological order.

21 Grams:21-grams-timeline – infographic

Memento:memento-scene-timeline – infographic

Pulp Fiction:pulp-fiction-timeline – infographic

Inception:inception-timeline – infographic