Foundation Design Case Study

Wink! Hair Salon Sydney Australia:

Salon owners, Paul Baker & Natalie Stone, approached Foundation Design wanting to increase site traffic and new viewers to their salon website, as well as raise their SEO profile in a Google search.

The existing salon site was well structured with good imagery, salon related content and stylist profiles as well as having a convenient online booking system, but there was little site traffic. On the other hand, Wink!’s Facebook page had great interaction and traffic but lacked the features of the websites.

The solution was to integrate their social media site with the salon site to create a synchronised online web presence that would create more traffic by raising awareness about the salon site. Renaming the site’s URL address to improve a Google search was also recommended.



An SEO (search engine optimised) optimised website that integrates with Wink!’s social media and is user-friendly for both staff and clients to upload and engage content.

integrated web presence
improved Google search

Responsive Web Design:

The overall look and feel of the site were updated and the site structure was also upgraded to a Responsive Web Design (RWD) format. No matter what type of device that a viewer is using (smartphone, tablet or laptop) to view the site, the size of the site will automatically resize itself into the best-optimised version for that device’s screen size (a very important feature as a growing portion of the potential audience are currently viewing websites on either a tablet¹ or Smartphone²)



responsive web design optimises a site for different devices

1) Market statistics in 2017 show that 53% of adults in the United States currently own a tablet computer, an increase of 19% from 34% who owned a tablet in 2013.
2) As of 2017, 83 percent of global handset sales are attributed to smartphones.

Homepage blog:

A blog rich with salon related content is present on the home page and can simultaneously auto-post to Facebook and Twitter. Social media share buttons allow viewers to re-post on their own social media sites or to their friends. This ensures consistency across the various web presences as well as having fresh and dynamic content on the homepage.



auto post content to social media
new content on the home page

Social Media Feed and Social Media Wall:

A scrolling social media feed automatically adds Wink!’s latest Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram postings to the home page, and again delivering new, fresh and dynamic content to the site. A link to a full-page social media wall shows all of the salon’s social media and allows a viewer to ‘cherry-pick’ postings of interest to them.


integration of social media onto the site dynamic site content

Client Testimonials:

In no other industry does a client testimonial hold as much value as that of the Hairdressing industry. The ability for clients to both read and post testimonials was a very important feature for Paul and Natalie. Again the home page has a scrolling feed of client testimonials.

Plus a full page version complete with the ability for a client to post their own testimonial with the option of uploading a photo at the same time.


scrolling testimonials on the homepage clients able to post their own testimonial

Services Pages:

Eight individual services pages with each having their own sub-menu giving descriptions of the Salon’s services and relevant price lists. As part of the content management system of the site, all price lists are able to be edited and updated by the salon owner which ensures up-to-date content and cost-efficient site maintenance.


sub menu for improved navigation content able to be updated by the owner

Online Bookings:

Salon clients can make bookings online which are confirmed back to the client by either an email or mobile text. The online booking form allows the client to choose their stylist, colourist, service and preferred day and time. Salon hours, drop-down calendar and thumbnail links to staff profiles are all handy and within reach to help the client make their choice.


automated booking form drop down calendar