ANZ GAYTM: Back and shinier than ever.

Paul Advertisting, Product Design

Though occasionally attracting criticism for stereotyping, the GAYTM project has been widely praised. Brands jumping on the Pride bandwagon are a familiar sight these days but five years ago, when the ANZ bank first started supporting Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, not so much. This year’s Sydney Mardi Gras on March 3 is the first since Australia’s yes vote … – Taking brand guidelines to a higher level.

Paul Advertisting

“I’ve died and gone to Brand Guideline Design heaven…” Taking brand guidelines to a higher level Uber’s animated, interactive Brand Guidelines site is a great example of how to make a standard brand guide way more fun and interesting than the norm. The guide is fairly simple, but uniquely conveys the brand’s values and attributes, along with the standard artwork. …

This Is a Generic Brand Video

Paul Advertisting

Yeah Advertising! You just fill me up with white fluffies (said in a rather ironic tone) This Is a Generic Brand Video is a generic brand video of “This Is a Generic Brand Video,” written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. No surprise, it’s made entirely with stock footage. All video clips used are from

Clever British Airways Billboard Tracks Airplanes as They Fly Overhead

Paul Advertisting

British Airways launched a new campaign called ‘Look Up,’ and you might want to take that advice to get the full experience A video ad in London’s Piccadilly Circus features a young boy pointing to the sky. If you follow the path of his finger, you’ll notice that it’s aimed at an actual plane above. The billboard updates in real …

What is real?

Paul Advertisting, Photography

Body Evolution – Model before and after A Global Democracy idea – Idea 9 – Disclaimers for airbrushing models We all now know that seeing thousands of “perfect” body types in the mass media is having negative affects on young girls and more. Airbrushing as a practice should be discouraged when it transforms otherwise permanent features on models. A “mandatory …

New Citta Design website

Paul Advertisting, Business, Web Design

Foundation Design would like to send a shout out to all who were involved in the new Citta Design website. In particular their Summer Collection Greece – Under the Sun video (which is reposted below). I love the way that this video profiles Citta Design’s new Greece inspired summer collection, and more importantly tells the story of the personalities behind Citta Design and …

Logo Wars – Battle Of The Brands

Paul Advertisting, Design, Identity

We consume their wares daily. We watch their advertising budgets explode before our eyes. We hear why Brand A is better than Brand B and why this Brand makes you look better than that Brand. You would have to live in a cave to not be touched by the billions of dollars spent yearly trying to get our attention. What …

How Logos Evolve

How Logos Evolve

Paul Advertisting, Design, Identity

How Logos Evolve We often get asked for a logo design that can stand the test of time. Something that will last forever. I mean, we look at all these “Mega Corporates” and their logos never change. Do they? Well, actually and surprisingly, they do….a lot. This illustration depicts some of the biggest global brands and highlights the evolution of …