Capturing New Zealand’s Identity

PaulDesign, Illustration

Fish and chips, flitting fantails, melting Jelly Tips; these are some of our favourite things that make up a Kiwi summer. NZ illustrator Belinda Ellis captures these well-loved Kiwi symbols and more in her latest book Iconz, which takes a look at New Zealand’s popular culture and history. Ellis’ 64 illustrations pay homage to our culture, while narration by writer Richard Wolfe fleshes out the history of each …

Clever Examples of Logos with Negative Space

PaulDesign, Identity, Illustration

Negative space is the empty space between the main elements of a design. It is always inspiring to see how talented designers utilize this space to create shapes in a logo. Today we gathered some excellent examples of logos using negative space in a clever and stylish way.

Concept Artist Keron Grant a.k.a Kerong

PaulArt, Film, Illustration

I love the artwork of artist Keron Grant a.k.a Kerong, in particular his concept work for the film industry. Some of the recent projects that he has worked on are Superman: Man of Steel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Infamous 1 and 2, Lone Ranger, Robocop and Chronicle. Design concepts for a few of the vehicles from the film G.I. Joe: Retaliation …

Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Shohei Otomo

PaulA work of art..., Illustration

  Katsuhiro Otomo is a world-renown manga artist best known as the creator of Akira. But did you know that he has a son who is also an amazing artist in his own right? Shohei, as he simply calls himself (perhaps to escape from the hegemony of the Otomo name), creates dauntingly dense and bold illustrations using just 1 tool …