Your website contact page – is it making friends, or making enemies?

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Article written by Paul Shadbolt. When talking to clients about designing their website, I quite often get… “oh, and my site must have a contact page!”, to which I respond… “sure, what communication method do you want to use, what are the hours that it will be manned, and what is the expected time period for a reply?”. Cue silence, a …

Waco TV Series – Intro Sequence

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Waco is an American television miniseries based on the Waco siege in 1993. The show consists of six episodes and stars Michael Shannon as FBI negotiator Gary Noesner and Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh. The series investigates the genuine facts of the tragedy right up until and chronicling the standoff told from a variety of viewpoints of those most personally …

A new look for Foundation Design.

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Hi all, just a quick post to… ‘blow my own horn’ really. Foundation Design has been providing visual communication solutions to clients for over five years now, so the time was right to clean out the cupboards and throw a fresh lick of paint around the place. The result is a brand new shiny logo. That’s it, sitting in the frame at …

6 Great Contemporary Alternatives to Helvetica

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6 Great Contemporary Alternatives to Helvetica I have gathered a collection of 6 grotesque fonts that are widely used on minimal designed websites lately. Also, they are a perfect choice if you want something else than Helvetica. All of them are very contemporary, and can be applied in a broad range of contexts and media. So here is the list: …

Minimalist Swiss design in CSS

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Swiss in CSS is an animated homage to the International Typographic Style, as well as the designers that pioneered the movement. All of the posters in the collection were created and animated with CSS by Jon Yablonski, with some JavaScript help from Jordan O’Leary.  

Directors are the architects of cinema

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Nice site exploring the idea that directors are the architects of cinema, with unique house designs for famous directors from Fellini to Hitchcock. Tim Burton’s house is angled and geometric, and rises up on trees to reveal a gothic fence and more underneath. David Lynch’s house uses lighting to create a surrealistic atmosphere. Stanley Kubrick’s house is a cross between a …

Daft Punk – Evolution of Get Lucky

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After the very successful and viral launch of the new Daft Punk album again something related spreads like a wildfire on the internet. This time it is not an own production, but a video made by the talented producer: PV Nova. In the video we see the evolution of the song “Get Lucky” through every decade from 1920 – 2020. …