Underwater Floating Hotel Room at Manta Resort

PaulUrban Landscape, Visually Cool

For those of you that are looking for the ultimate private vacation destination, the Manta Resort Underwater Hotel Room is the perfect choice. Sometimes hotel lobbies and pools can get a bit too overcrowded. When you just want to get away from it all this floating hotel room provides just that. As part of the Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Africa, …

Japan’s Own Giant Ferris Wheel

PaulArchitecture, Urban Landscape

Remember that movie Contact starring Jodie Foster as the atheistic SETI scientist who gets a second chance at climbing aboard a space craft of alien design when the first one was blown up by a crazed fundamentalist? Remember who built the second space craft? Japan! It was futuristic, hi-tech, and less hodgepodge looking than the original. I digress, even the movies …

Some of the world’s most beautiful abandoned locations

PaulUrban Landscape

From disused fairgrounds to neglected cliff-top hotels, these atmospheric pictures of urban decay and abandoned buildings show just how rapid decline can be without human attention. Disasters such as earthquakes, nuclear explosions and prolonged warfare have left some places uninhabitable while others, like Japanese fairground Nara Dreamland, sadly just fell out of fashion. At the ends of the earth are …

Walk though the abandoned island that inspired 007’s ‘Skyfall’ movie.

PaulFilm, Tech, Urban Landscape

Google Street View has extended its reach to the abandoned island of Hashima, Japan, which served as the setting for Raoul Silva’s “Dead City” retreat in 007: Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie. Also known as Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) because of its resemblance to a warship when seen in profile, Hashima retains little hint of its former status as a …

Decline and Fall of the Italian Villa

PaulArchitecture, Urban Landscape

A grand staircase lies in ruins – the steps have crumbled; its ornate railings covered in dust. On the decaying, bare walls, a splash of coloured panelling provides the last vestige of splendour. This once-great Italian villa would most likely have been home to nobility during the Renaissance – but now, it and many others have been abandoned. Yet there is still …

Urban Garden Made With Recycled Plastic Bottles

PaulJust a thought..., Urban Landscape

This fantastic garden made from recycled bottles was one of the creations for a project called Home Sweet Home, in which a team of people visit homes throughout Brazil and provide makeovers to both their exterior and interior. This particular garden was made for the Roberts family: a mother and two daughters who have a humble income of $200/month. The …

Small Loft in Wroclaw

PaulInterior Design, Urban Landscape

This beautiful loft, located in Wroclaw, Poland, has been created by Ewa Czerny of 3XA studio. The 29 sqm space has been transformed to accommodate sleeping, cooking, bathing and entertaining areas. By combining kitchen and living room designers improved the flow and created a rather spacious layout. Another space-saving decision was to elevate the bed above the bathroom and the …

Full Colour Movie Of New York In 1939

PaulRetro, Urban Landscape

New York City, Summer 1939. Rarely seen recently surfaced amateur movie, filmed by a French tourist, Jean Vivier, in 16mm Kodachrome. Great conservation state and incredible quality! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WgqRN40TXrE