Logorama the movie

PaulDesign, Humour, Identity, Video, Visually Cool

The Logorama movie is a short animation by H5. It has been nominated won at the 2010 Oscars in the short film category. In a world made up entirely of trademarks and brand names, Michelin Man cops pursue a criminal Ronald McDonald. All 16 minutes (taking an incredible six years to make) are shown in the embedded video below. Link …

Sun Tzu’s Art of War in Ten Minutes

PaulBusiness, Motion Graphics, Video

http://youtu.be/k2UyGF1G7Xs Here is a short movie on the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu’s, which presents concepts and strategies wildly used in modern business. The video runs for ten minutes, all the assets were produced in illustrator and the motion graphics are quite beautiful.