Creative and Unusual Business Cards

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Creative and Unusual Business Cards

A unique business identity can help you attract more clients and make you stand out from the crowd. Unusual business cards can attract your clients not only to your business, but also to your talent as a creative designer.

Unlike ordinary business cards that are commonly used by everyone, unusual business cards use different materials and concepts that may be inspired by the person’s own career or the client’s business.

Although unusual business cards and creative ideas can come in different shapes, every business card should conform to some basic rules like readability and usability, such as the following:



Shape of the business card

While unusual business cards can use different shapes and layouts, they should also be easy to hold. For example, large and unusual shaped business cards cannot be put into a wallet and are thus limited to office use.

Design layout

The purpose of a business card’s design is to provide your client with contact information. Therefore, the contents of a business card should be clear and readable for most people. Many unusual business cards use different shapes and designs to display the contact information in a clear way.

All business card design ideas should include the following information:

  • Company name and logo should be clear and large enough to attract the viewer’s eye.
  • The person’s name should be in a larger font than the contact details.
  • The person’s title should be placed under the person’s name.
  • Contact information, such as email, website, telephone, mobile, and address.


When you choose the font for the design of a business card, it should be readable and match the style of the business card’s design theme. For example, a vintage design requires classic style fonts. There is a large variety of fonts out there to choose from for your business card design ideas. You can also check Tips to Create Business Cards Attractive Design for more tips to create creative business cards.

In the following showcase, I would like to present some creative and unusual business card examples that you can learn from and use to inspire your creative mind with new business card ideas.


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