Do You Need A Designer? Flowchart.

The Do You Need A Designer? Flowchart by German freelance designer Sabine Ahrens. This tongue-in-cheek flowchart challenges potential clients to consider their options.

Sabine Ahrens, a from Hamburg, Germany, has come up with this intriguing approach to getting new clients by trying to get them to see things from a designers point of view. Did they really need a designer? If so, why did they need one? And were there perhaps good reasons why they shouldn’t hire one?

After pondering these queries, Ahrens came up with the flowchart shown below, which is reminiscent of the kind of pop-psychology ‘follow the arrows’ quizzes that teenage magazines are famed for.

Featuring thought-provoking questions such as “Have you received positive feedback about your visual identity?” and “Are your logos and promotional materials part of a bigger brand identity?” the chart guides the potential client through the maze of considerations to reach a number of conclusions as to whether or not they need to hire a freelance designer.

Ahrens has created 150 limited edition prints of the poster, which on sale on her website. Its a light-hearted yet innovative approach to getting work (while earning a little cash on the side) and I applaud it.