How do your contacts, contact with your website’s contact details?

By Paul Shadbolt

Most of you know the drill… you are short on time and want to save a phone number or email address to contact someone later on. After having no luck with 3 ballpoints and the old Sharpie that you found at the back of desk you are about to give up in frustration. Or, you have just wasted an hour turning the office, home and car upside down looking for the car parking ticket that you wrote that phone number on.

If this sounds all too familiar to you… you can bet it’s all too familiar to your customers as well.

The solution? Automate the transfer of your contact details by adding a QR Code (for smart devices) or vCard download (for desktops) to your contact page (see my contact page here).

There is a bit of debate on how useful the QR code is, but I’ve found them to be useful and have had a QR scanner on my iPhone for a few years now. I don’t use it everyday (more likely once a month), but when I do use it, I find it very convenient. There are quite a few QR scanners available online and I have listed a couple of cross OS scanners below. Creating a QR code is easy and only takes the time to enter your details. The other advantage is the amount of information that you can offer beyond a name, phone number and email address.

A vCard is just as easy to create and like the QR Code, it can download contact details for safe keeping and referral at a later date.

Try mine below and then contact me about setting up a QR Code or vCard on your website.


[zilla_one_half] QR Code:
Scan the QR Code below to quickly add Foundation Design’s contact details to your smart phone.
Note: you will need a QR scanner.
Try one of these cross OS scanners NeoReaderTapMedia’s QR Reader,
or type into your smart device web browser.

[/zilla_one_half] [zilla_one_half_last] vCard:
Or download a Foundation Design vCard to quickly and automatically add Foundation Design’s contact details to your device.

FD-logo [/zilla_one_half_last]