‘Hydrofloors’ Swimming Pool With Movable Floors

PaulArchitecture, Interior Design

Do you wish you could have an indoor swimming pool, but just can’t commit the space to it? Well, Hydrofloors might just be the solution. These variable depth swimming pools are basically pools that are designed with movable floors.

When you want to use the space for something other than swimming, you simply press a button and the pool’s floor raises up while the water slips away underneath. That way you have a large, open, and pool-free space available for entertaining, exercising, etc.

When you’re ready to swim again, you simply press a button and the floor sinks back down to the bottom, revealing your swimming pool underneath – an excellent fusion of design and technology.

You can also stop the floor from moving at any point, allowing you to change the depth of the pool whenever you want. So if you’re having a kid’s party, you can easily set the depth of the entire pool to shallow.

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