Advance Magazine

Marcus Williams, the Director of Research & Enterprise at Unitec offered Foundation Design the opportunity to design the Cybersecurity issue of Advance magazine. The challenge was to produce an engaging design and layout while working within the confines of a pre-existing template and a content topic (Cybersecurity) that has a particular visual style.

ITPNZ Symposium Programme

The challenge of this A5 sized symposium programme for the Ka Rewa Māori Innovation: 2018 ITP Research Symposium, was to accommodate large amounts of differing content without it looking over-crowded and inaccessible for the reader. Consideration for image treatment and lockup was also crucial to compensate for the variation in image size and quality.

Cycles Repetition

Cycles Repetition & Redirection is an exhibition catalogue and an exhibition exploring themes of cyclical repetition and redirection, in an immersive 360-degree animated installation arising out of a collaboration between seven artists/animators located in different parts of the globe.


Curator, Yvonne Shaw was wanting an exhibition catalogue and poster for an exhibition at Elam Projectspace Gallery titled Intextual.

Book of Lists

The New Zealand Book of Lists project was a great project consisting of two books of Kiwiana inspired lists, one on general New Zealand facts and figures, the other on New Zealand rugby. I loved both of these projects as it was an opportunity to typeset every single page as well as creating a set of tables and information layouts that were stylistically the same yet conveyed the facts in an interesting and engaging manner.