Advance Magazine

Paul Publication Design, Slider, Typography

Marcus Williams, who is the Director of Research & Enterprise at Unitec offered me the opportunity to design the Cybersecurity issue of Advance magazine. The challenge was to produce an engaging design and layout while working within the confines of a pre-existing template and a content topic (Cybersecurity) that has a particular visual style.

ITPNZ Symposium Programme

Paul Publication Design, Resume, Slider

The challenge of this A5 sized symposium programme for the Ka Rewa Māori Innovation: 2018 ITP Research Symposium, was to accommodate large amounts of differing content without it looking over-crowded and inaccessible for the reader. Consideration for image treatment and lockup was also crucial to compensate for the variation in image size and quality.

Cycles Repetition & Redirection

Paul Publication Design, Resume, Slider, Typography

Cycles Repetition & Redirection is an exhibition catalogue and an exhibition exploring themes of cyclical repetition and redirection, in an immersive 360-degree animated installation arising out of a collaboration between seven artists/animators located in different parts of the globe.

Applied Molecular Solutions

Paul Identity, Resume, Slider, Web

Applied Molecular Solutions (AMS) is a research group of lecturers working out of Unitec’s Institute of Technology. Dr Dan Blanchon wanted a website that would profile new projects and technologies that AMS are involved with, as well as showing published papers and articles, collaborations with various other researchers in the field.


Paul Publication Design, Resume, Slider, Typography

Curator, Yvonne Shaw was wanting an exhibition catalogue and poster for an exhibition at Elam Projectspace Gallery titled Intextual.

Intextual is a temporarily constructed word appropriate for a fleeting collection of works which combine text and image. The artist’s deal with notions of parallel worlds and fictional narratives intertwined with threads of documentary.

Dunlop Design

Paul Identity, Slider, Web

Jennie Dunlop is an Interior and Spatial Designer well known for her ability to make interior spaces beautiful and unique. Jennie’s old site was struggling to present her multi-awarded work at a level that was equal to the recognition that it was receiving.

Textile Republic

Paul Identity, Resume, Slider

Michael Brown has been a leading figure in the New Zealand textile industry for many years. In creating a logo for his new business Textile Republic, Michael had very specific ideas on how he wanted to represent his business. He wanted a strong and contemporary, stylish and elegant logo that would reflect the gravitas of his professional reputation.

Wink! Hair Sydney

Paul Slider, Social Media, Web

Salon owners Paul Baker and Natalie Stone approached Foundation Design wanting to increase both traffic and viewers to their salon website. Foundation Design integrated social media within the salon site to create a synchronised online web presence and renamed the homepage URL to improve results in a Google search.

Ruth Pretty

Paul Publication Design, Resume

Ruth Pretty – Cooking at Springfield was the third cookbook that I had designed for Ruth. I enjoy cooking myself and often use a recipe book, hence I have some very clear ideas on the layout and structure of a cookbook. Ruth’s recipes are great and she always provides excellent photography of her finished dishes. Ruth Pretty – Cooking at Springfield received a Highly Commended in the 2003 Montana Book Awards.


Paul Identity, Resume

Universal Music would put together a compilation of the year’s best dance tracks under the Mint label. While working at Seven Visual Communication I created a clean and fresh word mark for Mint and rolled out the artwork for three compilations and a collection of chill-out tunes under the After Dinner Mint label.


Paul Identity, Typography

Loaded promotes themselves as New Zealand’s premier street fashion and sneaker store and has two stores in Auckland, High Street central city and their Newmarket branch on Broadway. I was working at Switch Design when Loaded opened their first High Street store and was given the opportunity to redesign their logo. Their existing logo was a stylised view of the …


Paul Identity

Konstruct director Phil Chitty has been a part of the New Zealand film scene since the early days. When he’s not working on a feature film, he can usually be found doing a shop fit-out or a set for a commercial. Phil approached me when he was in the process of consolidating his vast collection of men, machines and materials …

Economics Textbook

Paul Publication Design

This project was a cover design for a Pearson Education Economics textbook. The book was written especially for New Zealand students and Pearson Education wanted a cover that was both ‘fresh’ and local. After a couple of concept meetings, I came up with a stylised map of New Zealand with key-lines radiating out to the rest of the world.


Paul Digital, Identity

Centeros is a data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) system that provides a host of features that allows for the successful management of a data centre from any location. James Crossley, CEO of Centeros, established Centeros in 2006 out of frustrating experiences with existing data centre management tools. James’ brief was for the design of an identity that was both applicable …

Book of Lists

Paul Publication Design

The New Zealand Book of Lists project was a great project consisting of two books of Kiwiana inspired lists, one on general New Zealand facts and figures, the other on New Zealand rugby. I loved both of these projects as it was an opportunity to typeset every single page as well as creating a set of tables and information layouts that were stylistically the same yet conveyed the facts in an interesting and engaging manner.

Introduction to NZ Publishing

Paul Publication Design

An Introduction to New Zealand Publishing is a members directory of New Zealand publishers produced regularly by the Publishers Association of New Zealand. The brief was to produce a typographical based cover including the use of the PNZA logo.

Maori Myth and Legend

Paul Publication Design

Maori Myth and Legend is a beloved New Zealand book of Maori myths that was first published in 1972. Over the years the cover has been ‘refreshed’ many times to re-introduce this enduring classic collection to a new generation of New Zealanders. After an initial traditional approach, I settled on a moody twilight shot of nesting gannets under a full moon coupled with a contemporary sans serif typeface.