Triple the Awesome

PaulI want it!, Product Design

From the creators of the nCycle comes the nThree – the latest challenge in efficient, affordable urban mobility. The single-seater trike’s shape takes influence from the toucan bird, applying the same structural qualities to achieve a lightweight, yet incredibly strong outer shell. This lightness, in combination with electric power delivered to the rear wheel, make it able to zip around town like a motorcycle but with the comfort of a car.

Its simple “Y” shaped body structure ensures a significant reduction in weight. Internally shaped and modelled like a toucan beak, the two side arms have a thin and lightweight section resistant to shock and impacts. In order to mimic this functionality, the designers ran a stress analysis test on the side arms to figure out the areas being stressed out most on the body, and to try to better distribute the stress based on the profile shape of the arm and the different areas it connects with the other parts of the nThree. Compared to similarly proportioned vehicles weighting about 300-500Kg, the nThree is expected to weight only around 100 Kg or less depending on the materials and hardware used. This will translate in a much higher power efficiency and lower energy consumption.